No Chapin Street Sweeper, Says Council
Posted on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 9:24 pm.

The Chapin Town Council Tuesday turned a deaf ear to Mayor Skip Wilson’s proposal that the town purchase a street sweeper which might range from $175,000 new to $60,000 used to $25,000 “well-used”

When Mayor Wilson proposed a budget amendment to cover the capital expenditure, Mayor Pro Tem Mike Clonts said, “I move that we do nothing.” Council member Kay Hollis seconded, and Councilman Gregg White said “me three.”

The Mayor never called for a vote, but asked the three council members to elaborate on why they opposed the purchase. Councilman White said it was too expensive to sweep the streets three or four times a year, and that the money should be spent on more urgent needs. Councilman Clonts said the expenditure was unreasonable when the town only has five miles of roads to sweep.

In other business, council agreed to an ordinance granting consent to the state treasurer to applications for cable or video service franchises, and increased the franchise fee rate for cable service providers from 3 percent to 5 percent. The franchise fee is collected by the service provider and passed on to the customers in their bills each month.

Council voted to begin charging a filing fee for persons seeking election to town offices — $50 for mayor and $25 for council member. Town elections are managed by the Lexington County Election Commission.

Kenneth Loveless and Gerald Meetze were reappointed to the Architectural Review Board. Dan Smith, a professional engineer and general contractor in the Chapin area, and Steve Wall, a local business owner and past chairman of the Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce were named to serve on the Town Zoning Board of Appeals, replacing Crystal Campbell and Mike Sorrells on the Town Zoning Board of Appeals. Neither of the candidates appointed or reappointed to the two boards are residents of the town.