Board approves site plans for Chapin Crossing retail center
Posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 7:33 pm.

The Town of Chapin’s Architectural Review Board in a special called meeting Wednesday approved a revised site plan for a 13,000 square foot retail center in Chapin Crossing in front of Publix.  The revised plan satisfies the Board’s wishes that the front elevation of the building face US 76, rather than toward Publix.

Board member Gerald Meetze moved to accept the revised site location plan, pending submittal of a landscape plan, lighting plan, revised sidewalk plan, and a new utilities plan.  The motion was unanimously approved by Board Chairman Ken Loveless, and members Harmon Reed, Jason Mack, Gerald Meetze and Bryson Tucker.

The revised plans were presented by Clay Cannon, representing RB Todd consulting engineers and Wes Taylor, of LTC Architects.

The building is designed with four facades.  With the front elevation now facing the highway, the plan allows for parking in both the front and rear and to the side of the building.

The original site plan had the building facing Publix with the rear facing the highway with no parking spaces between the sidewalk and the building.  Board members were concerned that despite a building design that presented an attractive façade on all sides, the area between the public highway and the building would have been primarily a service entrance.