Planning Board Wants Meeting With S-48 Project Managers
Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 at 10:38 pm.

Mayor David Knight told the Chapin Planning Commission Tuesday that he has “received a lot of input from local citizens about the impact for the Road 48 (Columbia Avenue) Corridor improvements project,” most of it negative.

He said he has talked with owners of businesses along Columbia Avenue, especially those near I-26, and that they are “shocked about how the proposed improvements are going to affect their businesses.”

He says that from his perspective, the project is going to make it impossible for people to access some businesses from Columbia Avenue and will bypass most of the businesses in the downtown area.

Planning Commission member Ken King added, “With the present plan, in my view, all we have done is move the bottleneck further down the road. It hasn’t changed that there is a bottleneck. It moves it now to Amick’s Ferry Road instead of somewhere else.” A connector road is proposed to extend from Columbia Avenue near Chapin High School to Amick’s Ferry Road just south of the Food Lion Shopping Center.

Mayor Knight said he is concerned that those who will be adversely impacted by the proposed improvements have an opportunity to publicly express their concerns, and that the town’s planning commission have an opportunity to address the proposed plans for the Interstate bridge and interchange and for the separate Columbia Avenue project, and have an input as to how they wish the town to develop over the next couple of decades.

Ken King moved that Road 48 project manager Zack Haney with Mead and Hunt engineers and Lexington County engineer Jeff McNesby be asked to address the planning commission at its June meeting about the status of that project as well as the Carolina Crossroads project (which includes the I-26 overpass at Columhia Avenue. The motion was approved unanimously.

Mayor Knight said his understanding is that the Town of Chapin would have to sign off on the final plans before the road projects can be constructed.

Members of the Planning Commission are Kevin Sheppard, Chairman; Jim Palassis, Douglas Barnett, Joe Dever and Ken King.