Don’t Let Mosquito Bites Spoil Your Summer
Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 1:09 pm.

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For many of us and our pets, summer is the best time to get out and have fun. Unfortunately, a common summertime hazard lies ahead for the four-legged adventurer. The moment a mosquito bites a dog, it can pass on one of many diseases than can make our furballs suffer and even put them in grave danger.

Keep Your Eyes Open for these Midsummer Mosquito-bite Threats

1. Heartworms. One of the most serious diseases that can be transmitted by mosquito bites to dogs is heartworm. Once the parasite is inside your pooch, the heartworm larva will flow into his bloodstream, and as they mature, will start clogging up your dog’s heart and the vital blood vessels in his body. The blockage will lessen the blood flow; thus, affecting major organs such as his lungs. As a result, your infected pooch will cough, appear sickly, and tire out very easily.

2. West Nile Virus. Although this health problem has a more serious impact on people, it seems to cause only mild effects in pooches. Nevertheless, it has been reported that dogs that contract West Nile virus through mosquito bites are likely to develop fever or become lethargic but usually don’t become gravely ill.

3. Allergies and infections. Despite the fact that mosquito bites just normally result in localized skin irritation in dogs, severe cases of such, however, can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and other common systemic health complications. You’ll know that Fido is having some allergic reactions to mosquito bites if he suddenly and excessively scratches or chews his skin. When he does this, he will aggravate the bite site over and over again which will eventually result in infection. Although this could stay localized, severe infections, nonetheless, can gradually spread to your dog’s blood and then organs if left untreated. Additionally, a single mosquito bite can cause enough itch and irritation that your dog’s constant scratching can lead to hot spots.