With Mosquito Joe, outside is fun again!
Posted on Monday, August 3rd, 2015 at 5:41 am.

With Mosquito Joe, outside is fun again!

Trey Powell, and his family, moved to the Columbia area a couple of years ago, and quickly learned that living near the lake can come with some unwanted extras.

“My wife and I had built our dream home on the lake,” he recalls. “The first night we moved in we were greeted by bugs – midges swarming our house, millions of them, coming up off the lake. They look similar to mosquitos, but they don’t bite. They are just really annoying pests that lay thousands of eggs at a time. They were covering our house, attracted to light. And then the spiders moved in. Every window and door in the house was a big mess.”

Trey Powell and family

Trey Powell and family

“We had Mosquito Joe of Columbia come out last August. They treated our house, and it worked so well that I bought a franchise about a month later, for the only territory left around the lake in the Columbia area – Chapin, Irmo, Lexington and parts of Columbia and West Columbia.

“We bought the franchise and signed the paper work last December, and we officially opened for our first season on April 1. We already have over 600 customers, and I’ve been thrilled with it,” he said.

Mosquito Joe uses a back pack blower, and does a mist spray around homes, under eaves and porches and into all the bushes and shrubs to create a barrier against the pests.

“The products we use are micro-encapsulated. They are time-released. We spray them on plants, and once the spray dries, it adheres to the leaves and becomes rain proof.   The synthetic product we use 90 percent of the time, continues to work for three weeks.

“If someone wants to get rid of mosquitos, but doesn’t want pesticides, we offer a completely all natural product that lasts for two weeks and does exactly the same thing.   The first treatment will get rid of about 85 percent of the mosquitos. Nothing legal or safe will get rid of 100 percent.

“For anything within 25 feet of water – lakes or ponds, we have to treat by 100 percent organic product.   The mosquito season starts late March and until temperatures are below 50 degrees 24 hours a day,   Below that, they can’t survive, but the hundreds of eggs will – they can last up to five years incubated.

“If a person is on a regular spraying program every 2 to 3 weeks, by the second week we are killing 90 percent. We can keep you 95 percent mosquito free for the rest of the season. We don’t do contracts. We spray every 2 or 3 weeks until you tell us to stop.”

Powell says, “We treat outside pests only. The backpack sprayer method and products that will time-release and last, really created an industry. We guarantee the results.”

The synthetic spray has the same active ingredients as are found in lice shampoo, flea and tick collars. It is safe for pets. We get them out of yard while we are spraying, and keep them out around 30 minutes until the product has time to dry.

Mosquito Joe takes care not to affect pollinators — Bees and butterflies. They don’t spray open flowers. The synthetic material has no smell and leaves no residue. The organic spray smells like its active ingredients –- peppermint and rosemary.