NWTF Plans To Donate 100 Turkeys To We Care
Posted on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 6:24 am.

As the fall season settles in the Chapin community, a group of volunteers for the past 20 years meets again to preserve what most of us enjoy as the Thanksgiving Dinner. The NWTF Dutch Fork committee is planning its biggest event, the Hunting Heritage Banquet, to be held on Oct. 6 in sChapin at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church.SAM_9603

These wild turkey conservationists decided to give back to the Dutch Fork community by donating 100 turkeys through the We Care Center in Chapin so that many will enjoy the traditional feast this Thanksgiving. The Dutch Fork Committee met today (Tuesday) at We Care for a quick tour and to bring in a few of the turkeys they will be donating.

The We Care Center in Chapin celebrates 30 years this Friday, established in 1986 to work with families and individuals in the Chapin and surrounding communities facing emergencies in their basic living needs; also serving as an outreach ministry to local churches.

We Care Director Alecia Klauk was excited at the prospect of receiving 100 turkeys for Thanksgiving. “I trust that many families will be richly blessed by our partnership (with the NWTF Dutch Fork Committee), and I trust that the turkeys will feed not only the bodies but the hearts of all who receive.”

Through public support, this committee impacts much of the community between Prosperity and Ballentine with their scholarship fund, Jakes events, Wheelin Sportsman deer and turkey hunts, seed program sales, and Women in the Outdoors events.

Bobby Phibbs, NWTF Northern SC Regional Director and volunteer for many years said, “We strive to make sure that the lifestyle we enjoy is passed on to the next generation.”

This is evidenced in how the many NWTF chapters reach out to the community to share the hunting heritage.

Another 10-year committee member, Richard Coltrane, says that to him, “It means outreach. Getting those who otherwise would not be involved, and getting them involved.”

With the support of State Representative Chip Huggins, Senator Ronnie Cromer (who could not be present for the meeting Tuesday), local business owners, participants of the seed program, Bi-Lo and other local vendors, the Dutch Fork Committee is giving back once again to this community by giving what they also preserve – turkeys.

For information about the Dutch Fork Annual Banquet on Oct. 6, please contact Brian Jacobson, Banquet Chairman at 330-936-7351 or Dal Dyches, Chapter President, at 803-603-4336.
The 100 Turkeys for Thanksgiving Committee members are: Sally Hewitt, Lynn Satterfield and Richard White.

Those present Tuesday were: Lynn Satterfield, Richard Coltrane, Frank Barton, Betty Pearson, Dal Dyches, Ray Cumalander, Chris Mixon, Gary M. Peters, Brian Jacobson, Mike Frick, Richard White, Chip Huggins, Ginger Huggins, Donnie Huych, manager, and Gen Mallett of Bi-Lo, Alecia Klauk, and former Chapin Mayor Stan Shealy of Chapin News.