Road S-48 Road Widening Project Could Cost Chapin Millions
Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 9:39 pm.

The Road S-48 road widening project is likely to cost the Town of Chapin a bundle in utility relocation costs.

Utilities Director Andy Metts reported to Town Council Tuesday that a meeting was held with representatives from SCDOT and the design engineer for the S-48 project on Sept. 7. The location of existing water and sewer utilities and the need to relocate some of them which are within the highway right of way was discussed in detail.

Metts said the roadway design engineer has determined that many of the Town’s existing sewer lines will be in conflict with the new road construction. Proposed plans have been provided to the Town, and the staff is currently reviewing them to estimate the conflicts and the possible cost of relocation. No estimates are currently available, but could be substantial (as much as 1, 2 or 3 million dollars) since the town has sewer lines throughout the corporate limits and in the direct route of the proposed S-48 relocation.

The cost of moving utility lines out of the proposed road project right-of-way is expected to be the sole responsibility of the town, including the cost of whatever easements may be required. Metts said the town, at its October meeting should vote to seek bids for an engineering consultant to determine the impact the project will have on the Town’s utilities, to design plans for required relocations, and to estimate construction costs.

In other matters, Metts reported on the status of the wastewater treatment plant expansion project. SC DHEC has issued the construction permit and the State Revolving Fund has issued a loan commitment letter, Metts said. The Town expects to receive bids on Oct. 26, and to present bids of Council on Nov 21. The final loan package will be prepared after a bid is accepted.

Metts also reported that the 2017 Utilities Operations Budget includes funds to begin the process of designing a sewer force main along Highway 76 from the Waste Water Treatment Plant to the Hilton community. He said, “This project is needed to relieve pressure problems in eisting sewer force mains along Wessinger and Old Lexington Roads. A request for a proposal package has been developed and is being advertised to hire a survey team to establish the route of the proposed force main.

Construction of the Chapin Technology Park sewer collection system and pump station has been completed and inspected, Metts said. Town staff has worked with the Lexington County Attorney to provide the required deed and easement documents to the county to transfer the system for operation. A permit to operate has not been obtained from SCDHEC, and until the permit is obtained the system remains the property of Lexington County unavailable for use.

The council gave final approval to increasing the monthly water use rates by 4.75 percent beginning Oct. 1. This equals the percentage of increase recently assessed by the City of Columbia. Chapin purchases most of the water from the City of Columbia, which is resold to customers on the Amick’s Ferry system.

Council gave first reading approval to an ordinance to transfer Chapin Pump Station No. 30 to the Stoney Pointe Homeowners’ Association, Inc.   A resolution to commit a five-percent in-kind match (estimated to be about $1,000) to support the town’s application to the Municipal Association of South Carolina for a Hometown Economic Development Grant. The funds would be used to develop wayfinding signage which would add to the town’s appearance

Council gave second reading approval to an ordinance amending the Town Code relating to animal control to allow for the implementation of the Community Cat Program pursuant to the terms of an agreement with Pawmetto Lifeline. The Town adopted in its entirety the Animal Control Ordinance currently in use by Lexington County.