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Our community is a resilient community. We have been tested in the past and always come out better than before. We often share positive stories about neighbors helping neighbors and the community coming together in times of need. I wanted to share my experience as a word of caution to our community. My wife, Holly, has been ill for the past week and a half and I have felt ill for the past few days. According to my physician my symptoms are inconsistent with the COVID-19 virus and do not meet the criteria for testing. Out of an abundance of caution, Holly has been tested, although it is unlikely that she has it. Even though, we have no official confirmation through testing and it is unlikely that we have been infected, I will self-quarantine for a minimum of two weeks or five days after my last day of symptoms if they were to last longer than two weeks. In my absence, I have asked Mayor Pro Tem, Al Koon, to assume my day to day duties. We take the safety of our citizens very seriously and urge all community members to practice social distancing and remain at home. The Town has created a number of resources that will help the community support local businesses while remaining at home and protecting the public. In addition, we have decided to cancel the April 7 regularly scheduled council meeting and postponed the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast as well as the Community Day of Service previously scheduled for the end of April. We can overcome any crisis if we all do our part. I look forward to the day we can all come together again in person with hugs and handshakes. Until then, it is important that we do everything we can to stop the spread of this terrible virus. Remember stay home, stay healthy and do your part to protect our community.
David W. Knight
Mayor of Chapin

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